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Class of 2022
EmpowHer Camp Mentors

Meet the women with disabilities who will be serving as mentors for our 2021 EmpowHer Camp!

Support EmpowHer Camp by making a donation or sending supplies for camp!

Abby Ritter


Abby is a 29-year-old autistic music therapist from Worcester, MA. She is a lover of all things fandom, with special interests in Harry Potter, Disney, and video games of all sorts.

When she’s not making music, Abby can be found listening to podcasts, taking deep dives into theme park YouTube, or going on mini adventures with friends and loved ones.

Abby is looking forward to meeting campers and mentors alike, and to taking her first camping trip since she was a literal toddler!

Curran Brown


Curran is graduate student studying to become an occupational therapist. She loves traveling and recently packed her life into two duffel bags and moved to London, England. Live music, all things artsy, sports, & anything to get her adrenaline going are a few things that make her happy!

She is stoked about EmpowHer Camp and she can’t wait to meet so many amazing beautiful women and be able to learn & grow from each other.

"Camping has been on my bucket list for a while so really excited to learn these skills for future adventures!"

Jenny Border


Jenny is a proud disabled adopted Asian woman. She loves learning, tinkering, and working to make the world a little more kind & accessible.

Jenny is excited to attend camp and be a mentor because she did not have anyone to look up to when she was younger.

“I did not have any disabled role models in general, but especially not any disabled women. If I had disabled woman mentor who also was Asian or adopted, I would have felt more confident that I belonged in this world.”

Jill Moore White


Jill lives in Minneapolis with her husband and dogs- Kiwi and Potato Chip. As a former Team USA athlete turned Inclusive Play Specialist, Jill's career is to play on playgrounds and make sure they not only accommodate, but provide an awesome, fun experience for all users.

What she's most excited for about camp is the chance to get to know an awesome group of girls - both mentors & campers that she wouldn't have had the chance to meet without EmpowHer Network, experience her very first fully accessible summer camp, and is super stoked about camp food- mostly camp desserts. 

Katy Carroll


Katy is an attorney and advocate from Albany, NY. She is looking forward to so many things at camp! First, she's looking forward to learning from the other mentors and, most of all, from the campers. Second, she look forward to simply being at camp.


"Camp can be a magical experience you never want to return home from and I look forward to that feeling. I'm a very serious person, but don't let that fool you into thinking I'm not wildly excited about EmpowHer Camp!"

Sophie Poost


Sophie is a bisexual, one-legged activist and advocate. Sophie didn't have the summer sleepaway camp experience as a kid but seized the opportunity to be a counselor for three years while in college and loved every second.

Upon completing her Bachelors degree in Anthropology and Sociology, she got her introduction to the Disability Community when she was hired as a Systems Advocate at a center for independent living in Rochester, New York. Sophie is passionate about supporting disabled youth and baking and eating pie.



Alexis is an entrepreneur, dreamer, and "Jill-of-all-trades" from Cambridge, Minnesota.

 In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, making cool things, and playing with her dogs and birds. She obsessively consumes audiobooks and loves education, as both a student and teacher! 

She has loved camping with her family and going to camp every summer is one of her most treasured childhood memories. She is excited to spend time with cool people and be in nature!


Cooking Coach

Kelly is the mother of 2 grown children, Holly and George and the Gammie to Hank and Rosie, and wife to Paul.  She was born in Knoxville, TN and grew up in Atlanta, GA.


Kelly is the founder of Kelly's Kitchen which focuses on helping communities solve food insecurity issues. Her grandmother and mother are her original cooking mentors. They both cooked homemade meals every day. 

"At EmpowHer Camp I'm looking forward to connecting with other women and sharing my passion for food in a non-traditional environment. Plus, I love adventures!"

Stephanie Woodward


Stephanie is an attorney and the Executive Director of Disability EmpowHer Network. 

Stephanie is excited to see EmpowHer Camp come to life. In 2019, with her friend Leah Smith, Stephanie dreamed up an organization that would empower girls with disabilities. In 2020, Disability EmpowHer Network was born. With incredible support from people around the world, EmpowHer Camp is now a reality! 


Stephanie cannot wait to grow and learn with the mentors and participants!

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