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Disabled Women Make History (and Art)

Since June 2022, Disability EmpowHer Network in partnership with the Toledo Museum of Art, has presented Disabled Women Make History (and Art), an annual art show featuring the artwork of disabled women. 

In 2023, the event was expanded to include workshops for the artists the day of the art show to provide additional professional development for the artists covering topics such as public speaking and negotiations.

Disabled Women Make History & Art

2024 Virtual Art Show

pleaz work_edited_edited.jpg
A young woman smiling at the camera besides a canvas of art


A white disabled woman in a powerchair, a white disabled woman standing, and a biracial woman in a power chair together smiling at the camera

Professional Development

A group of disabled people talking in front of art


Disabled Women Make History & Art

pleaz work_edited_edited.jpg
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