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We believe that access to knowledge gained from both data and research as well as first-hand experience, is crucial for each disabled girl and woman's journey to develop to their highest potential. With this in mind, we work to share the knowledge and information we gain through experience and research to help increase understanding for everyone.

Disabled Women in the Working World: Bias and Barriers that Hinder Workplace Advancement

A study by Disability EmpowHer Network that surveyed hiring professionals about their hiring practices, professional development and employee benefits, and disability representation within their organizations to gain perspective on the regular business practices that may hinder the career growth for women with disabilities. 

EmpowHer Camp Best Practices 

Advice from Young Leaders and mentors on navigating the ins and outs of mentorship, community impact projects, and a yearlong program like EmpowHer Camp. 

Windman v. Hurricane: An education comic for disaster relief org

This fun comic by Young Leader Peyton (Ace) Douglas-Doran (EmpowHer Camp Class of 2023) shares best practices for disaster relief organizations on how to support and prepare for disabled and nonbinary people during emergencies. 

Examining the Erasure of Disabled Students from K-12 School Shooting Responses

This white paper by Young Leader Anja Herrman (EmpowHer Camp Class of 2022) examines how ill prepared school districts are to ensure the safety of students with disabilities during active shooter emergencies.

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