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EmpowHer ROC

EmpowHer Roc provides an opportunity for girls and young women with disabilities (ages 8-21) in and around Monroe County, NY to meet every month for a fun, skill building, and empowering event while connecting with peers and mentors. Filling an EmpowHERing weekend afternoon with laughter, growth, and food!


All of our events are free for participants.

Here's a peek at some of our past events:

Image of 5 disabled young women of varying ages, ethnicities, and disabilities pose with their vision boards

Taco 'Bout My Future

Activity: Eating tacos and making vision boards

Skills learned: goal setting, planning, creativity, taking action, positivity, and supporting each other.

Image of disabled women and girls sitting behind a table with a bowling alley behind them.

EmpowHer Bowling

Activity: bowling

Skills Learned: team building, patience, exercise, good sportsmanship, and physical skills.

Image of six disabled young women smile at the camera.

Girl Power Suite at Rochester Red Wings Game

Activity: Attending a baseball game in the VIP Suite

Skills Learned: communication, cooperation, graceful winning/losing, learning new rules, trying new things, and interacting with different people.

Interested in learning more or attending our next event? Contact Us!
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