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EmpowHer Roc is for girls and feminine aligned folk with disabilities (Ages 8-21)

EmpowHer Roc+ is for women and feminine aligned folk with disabilities (Age 21+)

EmpowHer ROC

EmpowHer Roc provides an opportunity for girls and young women with disabilities (ages 8-21) in and around Monroe County, NY to meet every month for a fun, skill building, and empowering event while connecting with peers and mentors. Filling an EmpowHERing weekend afternoon with laughter, growth, and food!


All of our events are free for participants.

Here's a peek at some of our past events:

Image of 5 disabled young women of varying ages, ethnicities, and disabilities pose with their vision boards

Taco 'Bout My Future

Activity: Eating tacos and making vision boards

Skills learned: goal setting, planning, creativity, taking action, positivity, and supporting each other.

Image of disabled women and girls sitting behind a table with a bowling alley behind them.

EmpowHer Bowling

Activity: bowling

Skills Learned: team building, patience, exercise, good sportsmanship, and physical skills.

Image of six disabled young women smile at the camera.

Girl Power Suite at Rochester Red Wings Game

Activity: Attending a baseball game in the VIP Suite

Skills Learned: communication, cooperation, graceful winning/losing, learning new rules, trying new things, and interacting with different people.

EmpowHer Roc+

EmpowHer Roc+ provides  women with disabilities (ages 21 and over) in and around Monroe County, NY with opportunities to learn, connect, and grow through monthly meet ups. Each month a different participant works with our team to plan a fun, skill building, and empowering event for their peers to do together and in participating in the planning process our participants also develop leadership and team building skills. 


All of our events are free for participants.

two disabled women smile at the camera. There is make up and plates with cupcakes in front of them.

What are the events like?

Each month's events are organized by Disability EmpowHer Network staff in coordination with an EmpowHer Roc+ participant. Activities have included: creating vision boards, practicing make up and self care, and putting together gratitude journals. 

No matter what the activity is, we can guarantee that every monthly event will be filled with friendship, growth, laughter, and food!

a white disabled woman holding up a journal covered in stickers
Interested in learning more or attending our next event? Contact Us!
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