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Disability EmpowHer Network provides spaces and programs that are feminine aligned, and we are committed to including anyone who feels our programs align with their gender identity or expression. We welcome the participation, support, and love of trans and gender diverse people.

Gender Inclusion & Belonging

Disability EmpowHer Network’s mission is to empower disabled women and girls. We recognize the need for and impact of inclusive programming and affirming spaces for all of an individual’s identities. We welcome all women and girls, cis and trans, to get involved with us as well as nonbinary people who believe that the spaces and programming we provide are affirming and inclusive of who they are. 


Identity may shift for anyone over time through experiences and stages of life. We work to create safe and open spaces for people to explore their identities, including (but not limited to) their gender identity/expression. We do this by taking into account structural and social barriers and continuously working to be inclusive in all that we do while rejecting gender-based discrimination.

We are committed to making every space we create accessible and inclusive. We focus on using inclusive language throughout our organization and hold everyone involved accountable to this expectation. We provide opportunities for conversations around gender identity and expression, and we support everyone in their explorations of both. In developing this position, we created a workgroup of trans and gender diverse people, as well as allies, and centered the experiences of trans and gender diverse participants in our programs to guide the writing process.

Let's Talk!

We understand that there are many aspects related to this topic that make decisions regarding participation more complex or personal, as such we are committed to having conversations with people interested in joining our network, and potential or current participants in our programs to discuss how this position might impact on an individual basis. 

Email us at to start a conversation. 

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