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EmpowHer Champions

Our EmpowHer Champions are an elite group of individuals who are dedicated to empowering more girls and women with disabilities. EmpowHer Champions come from all over the country and have many different backgrounds, from students to professionals to activists and everything in between. However, our EmpowHer Champions all have one thing in common: they believe in our mission of helping disabled girls and women to grow, learn, and develop to their highest potential and have the confidence to lead.

Interested in becoming an EmpowHer Champion?
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Silver EmpowHer Champions
A white woman with white hair wearing sunglasses and a purple shirt


Annie, a formidable advocate for disability rights, holds a deep love for her family, grassroots activism, and civil rights. Her enthusiasm for empowering girls and women with disabilities is evident in all her endeavors, reflecting her unwavering commitment to helping others rise.

A black woman in a wheelchair smiling


Curran is our fearless EmpowHer Camp Director. She ensures each Young Leader & Mentor in EmpowHer Camp is supported throughout their  journey.


Curran also plans fun activities for us throughout the year, like a Virtual Escape Room & our upcoming Coze Fest! 

A young white woman with long black hair and earring smiling at the camera


As a young woman with a disability, Olivia aspires to make a meaningful impact on the St. Louis community and beyond, uniting the disability community through her writing and leveraging her exceptional communication and leadership skills. 

A blond white woman in a wheelchair against a background of roses


Cait is an ASL interpreter, cat lover, and diehard Swiftie. After learning about Disability EmpowHer Network during a chance encounter at a Panera, Cait immediately knew that this was the organization for her. She's excited to dedicate her time and talents to help empower more disabled girls & women!

A white woman with brown hair smiling


Kieran is a proud disabled writer, activist, and mom of two fantastic girls. She's currently writing fictional disabled stories. Kieran wishes that an organization like Disability EmpowHer Network existed when she was younger and she cannot wait until her daughters are old enough to get involved in our programs! 

A young white woman with a peace sign tattoo and short brown hair smiling.


Opal is a graduate of our EmpowHer Camp Class of 2022 and also serves on the EmpowHer Camp Application Review Workgroup where she helps to decide who is accepted into EmpowHer Camp. Opal is always finding new ways to support and uplift others. 

A white woman with blue hair and black dress in a wheelchair


Chrysanthemum is a proud disabled woman who educates about disability on her popular TikTok account. Chrys is  an EmpowHer Champion because she wants young girls to experience things that she wishes she had access to when she was younger, including a community of support and empowering programs!

A white woman with short brown hair smiling in a sunhat.


Liz recently graduated with her Masters in Public Administration from SUNY Albany. She is a powerful disability rights advocate and a fantastic role model for disabled girls and women. Liz serves on our Social Media & Development Committees to help us spread our message and our love further!

A white woman with a unicorn headband smiling at the camera.


Taneeka is our EmpowHer Roc Coordinator, organizing and facilitating engaging, skill-building, and fun programs for teen girls with disabilities. She is regularly referred to as "the coolest person in EmpowHer Roc" and loves to help each girl reach her goal. 

Gold EmpowHer Champions
A white person sings while playing guitar


Abby serves as the Secretary on our Board of Directors and has also been involved in EmpowHer Camp since its inception! 

Abby is best known as "First Aid Abby" at EmpowHer Camp, working vigilantly to ensure everyone is safe during our week of fun. Abby also adds to the fun by being our designated lead singer!

Sophie Poost


Sophie is our Director of Programs and has been a mentor with our EmpowHer Camp program for three years in a row! 

In addition to mentoring our young leaders, Sophie also spearheaded the creation of EmpowHer Expressions, our public speaking program for women with disabilities which has already helped more than 15 women reach their goals!

White woman with dark hair and white hat smiles


Amy is the co-director of Spa Area Independent Living Services and she is an outdoor enthusiast!


Amy has been a member of our Board of Directors since 2022. She is currently serving as the co-chair of our Strategic Planning Committee and is excited to help more disabled girls and women rise! 

White woman with albanism smiles in front of a bright wall


Katy is the Chair of the Disability EmpowHer Network Board of Directors. She's passionate about empowering girls and women with disabilities. She previously served as a mentor in our EmpowHer Camp program and now works to help our organization grow so we can help even more disabled people! 

Katy's goal is to raise $1000 this year!

Purple EmpowHer Champions

Dr. Davi

Dr. Davi, serving as the Dean of Student Engagement at Pierce College, is a passionate advocate for disability rights. She is dedicated to empowering girls and women with disabilities and has served as a mentor in our EmpowHer Expressions program, embodying the commitment to uplift  disabled women!

Stephanie Woodward


Stephanie is the Executive Director of Disability EmpowHer Network and she has set a personal goal of raising $4000 for Disability EmpowHer Network in 2024.

Stephanie has vowed to send stickers to every person who sponsors her!

Heidi Lawrence


Heidi is a bubbly Inpatient Diet Technician at Strong Hospital & loves all things pink and sparkly. She is passionate about Disability Rights and inclusion. Heidi has always loved finding creative ways to help people and is excited to have the opportunity to make waves in the community with the EmpowHer .

Katie Shelley


Katie is on the Board of Disability EmpowHer Network and is currently mentoring TWO girls in EmpowHer Camp!She is passionate about art, 90's boybands, and uplifting disabled girls and women as much as she can!

Katie's goal is to raise at least $2000!

Become an
EmpowHer Champion

You can help us to empower girls and women with disabilities across the country! When you become an EmpowHer Champion, you're demonstrating that you believe in girls and women with disabilities. 


We deeply value all of our EmpowHer Champions and show our gratitude to our Champions in many ways, including:


  • Recognition on our website and annual report

  • Update calls with our Executive Director

  • Invitations to special events

  • Small tokens of appreciation

  • Handwritten notes of appreciation

Click here to learn more about becoming an EmpowHer Champion.

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