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EmpowHer Champions

Our EmpowHer Champions are an elite group of individuals who are dedicated to empowering more girls and women with disabilities through fundraising.

Each Champion has a different individual fundraising goal and together we have a goal of raising $15,000 by Dec. 31, 2022. 

Fundraising 2022 Update.png


Anja is a researcher, journalist, and member of our EmpowHer Camp Class of 2022. Anja also participated in our EmpowHer Stories program where she wrote a compelling piece about disability representation in the beauty industry.

Anja's goal is to raise $150!

Katy Carroll


Katy is the Chair of the Disability EmpowHer Network Board of Directors. She's passionate about empowering girls and women with disabilities. She previously served as a mentor in our EmpowHer Camp program and now works to help our organization grow so we can help even more disabled people! 



Opal is a poet, college student, and recent graduate of EmpowHer Camp! For her yearlong project, Opal created a resource guide for people with disabilities in her community during emergencies and disasters. Opal was featured in her local newspaper for all of her accomplishments!

Stephanie Woodward


Stephanie is our Executive Director and she has set a personal goal of raising $3000 for Disability EmpowHer Network by Dec. 31, 2022. 

Stephanie has vowed to send stickers to every person who sponsors her and whoever donates the most to her will be offered a fancy dinner & a ride in one of her wheelchairs!

cc white 2.jpeg


CC is our Social Media Youth advisor who is always coming up with fresh ideas to share with our followers. CC was also the first woman to publish a blog through our EmpowHer Stories program. Her moving blog "I Remember" recounts her experience becoming disabled and how she came to be proud of herself! 



After graduating from the EmpowHer Camp Class of 2022, Lily demonstrated leadership by becoming a Mentor in Training for our next class of EmpowHer Camp! Lily also wrote an excellent blog about how EmpowHer Camp helped Lily to accept her disability. 

Curran Brown


Curran is our fearless EmpowHer Camp Director. She ensures each Young Leader & Mentor in EmpowHer Camp is supported throughout their  journey.


Curran also plans fun activities for us throughout the year, like a Virtual Escape Room & our upcoming Coze Fest! 



Hannah is an EmpowHer Camp Class of 2022 Alumna. Since her EmpowHer Camp journey has begun she has learned to be a better listener and to believe in change even when most people don’t understand the problem.

Hannah's goal is to raise $250!



Mia is a leader in EmpowHer Roc, a program for girls with disabilities in Rochester, NY.  She also published a blog through EmpowHer Stories & graduated from EmpowHer Camp in July 2022! She's headed to college next fall!

Mia's goal is to raise $500! 

Sophie Poost


Sophie is our Director of Programs and has been a mentor with our EmpowHer Camp program for two years! 

Sophie is developing a public speaking program for girls and women with disabilities of all ages! Your donation can help get this program off the ground!

Other Ways to Support

We're so thankful that you want to help us to empower girls and women with disabilities! There's so many ways to support our mission, including:

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