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Become an EmpowHer Champion

EmpowHer Champions are an elite group of individuals who are dedicated to empowering girls and women with disabilities. EmpowHer Champions support us to live our mission of helping disabled girls and women to grow, learn, and develop to their highest potential and have the confidence to lead by committing to raising funds for Disability EmpowHer Network so we are able to empower more girls and women with disabilities. 

In celebration of our EmpowHer Champions, each year we print a full page in our annual report and recognize them on our social media. This serves as a symbol of our gratitude and a powerful public reminder that together we can empower girls and women with disabilities

EmpowHer Champions enjoy a range of special benefits, including recognition on our website and annual report, update calls with our executive director, messages from our participants, and exclusive Disability EmpowHer Network items!

Each EmpowHer Champion chooses how they want to raise funds. While some prefer to host Facebook Fundraisers for their special days, others prefer to raise funds by reaching out to their networks via email or in person, and others may prefer to host fundraising events.

There is no right or wrong way to be an EmpowHer Champion and we work to support all of our EmpowHer Champions in reaching their fundraising goals! 

White woman with sunglasses in a wheelchair posing. She has blonde hair.

Jill Moore

"I am proud to be an EmpowHer Champion. I have seen firsthand how Disability EmpowHer Network changes lives and I want more girls and women to have the same opportunities I had!"

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