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EmpowHer Camp Class of 2023

Meet our Class of 2023 EmpowHer Camp participants! Participants are joining our year-long EmpowHer Camp program from across the United States. Get to know a little more about each young woman below! 

Support our participants by sponsoring them individually below, considering a corporate partnership, or by donating camp supplies!

Image of Emily



Personal Motto: "Sometimes, the best gifts come in the ugliest packages." Fran Drescher

Meet Emily who describes herself as ‘brave’ because she has always faced hospitalizations and therapies head on, and likes to try new things and new adventures even when it's difficult! She is extremely proud of teaching herself how to draw by watching youtube and completing two art classes. She loves Broadway music, especially songs from RENT the musical. Emily also loves Disney songs and some pop songs. When she is not listening to music or drawing she is writing scripts, dancing, or hanging with friends. In the future she wants to go to college to study wildlife habitats and ecosystems, work in television, and be a children's author writing books about wildlife and helping the environment. She is most excited to camp out in nature during EmpowHer Camp and meet all the other campers and have them meet her service dog, Sweet Pea.

Giana, a young brunette in an orange sweater.


New York

Personal Motto: Don't care what other people think about you.

Meet Giana who enjoys playing legos, eating junk food, shopping, and hanging out with friends while listening to Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. She would describe herself as ‘funny and determined’. She prides herself in overcoming medical obstacles including more than twenty surgeries. One day she wants to be a fashion designer and married with kids. In the meantime she loves making Tik Tok videos and watching musicals; Encato, Hamilton, and Luca to name a few. She is looking forward to meeting new people and learning new skills at EmpowHer Camp.

Keira, a brunette girl with her dog.


North Dakota

Personal Motto: Just keep trying and never give up

Meet Keira who has an eclectic music taste ranging from Phil Wickham, to Matthew West, to Maroon 5. She really enjoys riding her bike, playing with animals, reading nonfiction novels, swimming, going on walks, and volunteering at our Children's Church. ‘Empathetic’ is one word she uses to describe herself because she loves helping others. She is proud that she is CPR and first aid certified and completed a babysitters class. In the future she wants to work with children and animals and one day join a soccer team and visit the Eiffel Tower. During EmpowHer Camp she is most looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.

Macie, a teen girl with brunette hair


North Carolina

Personal Motto: I am a Strong Independent Woman.

Meet Macie who describes herself as ‘kind’ because she likes helping people. She enjoys riding horses and swimming. She has a wide range of music from Eric Church, Zac Brown Band, Old Dominion, and Hamilton to the Wicked soundtracks. She is proud of when she stood up for herself when some classmates were making fun of her and she educated them about disabilities. In the future she aims to be more independent and a mom. She is looking forward to meeting new friends during EmpowHer Camp.

Madison, a teen girl with long blonde hair and a white shirt.



Personal Motto: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” -Babe Ruth

Meet Madison who describes herself as ‘determined’ because she strives to reach all of her goals. Her hard work is paying off because she is proud that she won an officer position in both of her school clubs as a freshman. She enjoys playing softball, going to the beach, and spending time with family and friends. The soundtrack to her life consists of Tayler Swift, Morgan Wallen, Tate McRae, and Olivia Rodrigo. In the future she hopes to go to college in Florida playing softball. She is looking forward to making an impact in her community and meeting amazing women during EmpowHer Camp. 

Peyton in Lincoln City.png

Peyton (Ace)


Personal Motto: "It's not about what you get, it's what you give."

Meet Peyton (Ace) who describes themself as ‘confident’. The things that bring the most joy to them include, performing in plays, singing and listening to music, and playing Villainous, the board game. They are extremely proud of being a good person to everyone. Their favorite music artists are Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, and Queen. When they get older they want to be a famous chef. They will get lots of practice at EmpowHer because they are most looking forward to the cooking. In their own upcoming movie called ‘Clue: The Movie’ they are portrayed by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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