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Meet Our Team

Stephanie Woodward
Executive Director

An attorney, activist, and organizer, Stephanie is passionate about Disability Rights and empowering people with disabilities. Stephanie has litigated, worked for two U.S. Senators, and led a disaster response ground team in Puerto Rico to assist disabled people in distress after Hurricane Maria. As a proud disabled woman, Stephanie credits her success to mentoring she received from member of the Disability Community starting in her early twenties and is committed to helping even more girls and young women with disabilities through mentoring.

Kathryn Carroll
Board Chair

Kathryn is a lawyer who has a history of working to advance disability rights and change public policy to support inclusion and accessibility. She works in aging services and volunteers in numerous capacities, including as Vice Chairperson of the State Independent Living Council (NYSILC) and Vice Chairperson of the Accessibility Advisory Committee to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Adirondack Park Agency. She serves as a mentor to a Young Leader graduate of EmpowHer Camp. 

Against a blue background, a very fair woman with long blonder hair smiles. She wears a black blazer and white blouse.
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