EmpowHer Camp Participants

Meet our 2021-2022 EmpowHer Camp participants! Participants are joining our year-long EmpowHer Camp program from across the United States. Get to know a little more about each young woman below! 

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New York


Abby is a 15 year old young woman who likes to color, sing, camp, and play basketball! "Outgoing" is the one word that Abby uses to describe herself. Abby is really proud of her reading skills and she prides herself on being a good friend. Abby really loves Red Robin and, in the future, she'd like to have a career working with Red Robin! Abby is looking forward to being a part of EmpowHer Camp and she is especially excited about making new friends!




Anja is a young journalist who loves writing, advocacy, and public speaking. One word she uses to describe herself is “passionate". Anja is the primary division winner of the 2019 VSA Playwrighting Discovery Contest at the Kennedy Center. Anja is interested in being a politician, writer, or a biomedical ethicist – and a college professor on the side! The one thing that Anja is really looking forward to in the EmpowHer Camp program is meeting other disabled kids!

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Hannah is a rising sophomore who loves to bake and read! "Determined" is the one word that Hannah uses to describe herself. Hannah is proud that she completed her freshman year of high school in the pandemic! When she is older, Hannah wants to pursue a career that involves disability advocacy and the arts. The thing about EmpowHer Camp that excites Hannah the most is being able to meet other girls with disabilities! 

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Kimi is a Star Wars lover who also enjoys Legos, puzzles, coloring, and drawing. One word Kimi uses to describe herself if "unique". Kimi has an internship at the school district office and she is really proud of doing a good job. Kimi's dream job is to be a judge on The Masked Singer! One thing Kimi is looking forward to at EmpowHer Camp is meeting other girls with disabilities!




Lily is a 16 year old with hemiplegia who likes reading and writing, as well as dancing and cross country running. The one word Lily uses to describe herself is “advocation”. In the future, Lily hopes to be a therapist or a psychologist. Lily has given a speech about gun violence that received lots of praise! Lily is looking forward to the new experiences in the EmpowHer Camp program and all of the new people and skills that she’ll encounter throughout the program!

unnamed - Maddie Kasten.jpg



Maddie is a wheelchair user who also walks short distances. She enjoys video games, anime, wheelchair tennis and basketball, 3D construction/design, arts/crafts, and home improvement projects. "Open-minded" is one (hyphenated) word that Maddie uses to describe herself. Maddie recently became an Ability360 Sports and Fitness Center athlete. In the future, she would like to have a career in industrial engineering and/or design for inclusive products, services, and environments.  Maddie has wanted to go camping for as long as she can remember, so she is really excited to put her problem-solving skills to good use at EmpowHer Camp!


New York


Mia is a 16 year old who enjoys videogames, baseball, soccer, and crafts. The one word that Mia would use to describe herself is “cheerful”. Mia has two dogs, Izzy and Tempe, and she previously won first place in a horse show! In the future, Mia would like to be a librarian or have a career that involves computers. Mia is looking forward to meeting new people and having fun at EmpowHer Camp!

WIN_20200916_10_39_27_Pro (1) - Opal Bes



Opal is a young activist who enjoys reading, writing fiction, listening to music (mostly Taylor Swift), activism, theatre, eating ice cream, and collecting handmade teddy bears. One word that Opal would use to describe herself is “positive”. Opal is a 14 time published author and, in the future, she’d like to be a children’s author and disability rights activist! Opal is looking forward to meeting new people, learning survival skills, and increasing her independence at EmpowHer Camp.



Riley is a homeschooled student who enjoys dog training, 3D architecture and modeling, Animal Crossing, and taking care of houseplants. The one word that Riley would use to describe herself is “valiant”. Riley is considering a career in engineering and/or Project Management when she gets older. Recently she wrote a grant proposal for a forest mapping project in Oregon! Riley is looking forward to being a part of EmpowHer Camp, and she is especially excited to meet other girls with disabilities who have similar interests.